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The Oklahoma Engineering Foundation is working on the fundraising this summer to bolster the programs that serve the youth interested in STEM careers.  The programs have been well attended, but every year it is a struggle to maintain the fundraising needed to plan for the next program year.  This year is no different and there are challenges to getting the funding. 
Individual donations are a challenge for OEF and in recent years the individual donations have fallen way off.  Individuals like you started OEF and it will take you to continue it into the future.  I need your help in soliciting those in the technical societies and professional organizations that you belong to donate now to OEF.
The capital campaign is targeted to raise a goal of $30,000 in the fundraising season.  This is needed to ensure that the programs like MathCounts, Engineering Fair, and OEF Scholarships continue to provide opportunities for youth to stay involve with STEM.  This will go directly to the capital budget and provide staff and materials directly involved with planning, organizing, and executing the programs.
The program campaign is targeted to raise a goal of $20,000 in the fundraising season.  This is needed to start a new program in STEM during the Engineering Fair that is relevant to today’s technology in STEM.  Two of the growing trends are drones and artificial intelligence.  With the money from the program campaign, this new activity can be promoted, awarded and planned for the upcoming program year.
Credit card donation to OEF link at:
Individual Campaign Donation Form
Check donation send to the OEF address at:
Attention: OEF Executive Director
220 NE 28th Street
Oklahoma City, OK 73105
Please go to OEF.org and make your donation today.  Also, please forward this to your technical society chair or professional society chair and encourage them to ask the membership to donate now to OEF at the next chapter meeting. 
Please make donations to the capital and program campaigns before August 30th.  All of us together can make a big difference in the STEM programs at OEF.  Please join me in making an individual donation today. 
If you have any questions, please contact me at the number or email address below.

Greg Steelhammer, P.E.

President 2019-2020
Oklahoma Engineering Foundation



The Oklahoma Engineering Foundation is an organization of engineers, educators, and industry and community partners committed to furthering STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) education in Oklahoma, producing engineering professionals, and employing them in Oklahoma.

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