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February 18-25, 2024. 

Engineer for a Day

Company Participation:

OSPE is making preparations for 2024 Engineer for a Day scheduled for February 22, 2024.  We would like to invite you and/or your company to participate in this valuable program and allow students to shadow professional engineers at your place of business.  In years past, we’ve received expressions of interest and gratitude from students, parents, and school administrators for this program.  Your participation can have a tangible effect on the lives of high school students who are interested in pursuing engineering as a career. There are students who make the decision to pursue engineering because of a single event such as Engineer for a Day.

Approximately 50 area high schools will nominate bright and eager students that would like to find out what an engineering career is all about.  The need is great – in recent years, we've had to restrict participation to high school seniors because more students expressed interest that could be hosted.

We hope we can count on you this year.  For more information and to sign up as a host, CLICK HERE. We ask that you register by Friday, February 2, 2024. 


Student Participation:

This wonderful event brings top high school students into an engineering workplace for a day to observe what engineers do and how they operate in industry. Schools are invited to nominate students having career interests in science, mathematics, or engineering, to spend a day with a host companyInformation can be found HERE.

To nominate students, please complete the online form HERE.  One form must be completed for each student and must be completed in its entirety.  No other type of nomination form will be accepted.   Once completed, the student will receive an email confirmation at the email address used in the nomination process. 

We specifically require contact information (telephone number and email address) for both student and parent(s)/guardian(s).  These forms will be used to select our EFAD student participants and match them with appropriate host companies so current contact information is vitally important.  We strive to place every nominated student with a host company, but in the event we receive more nominations than can be accommodated, some may not be selected.  Students should be accurate and thorough when completing this form.

Nomination forms are due no later than 5:00 p.m. Friday, February 2, 2024.  At that time our EFAD Committee will match students with participating company sponsors.  School sponsors will be notified of their student’s selections and assignments.  Company sponsors are likewise notified so that EFAD arrangements may begin.





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